|6th February 2020

At Essex Joinery Limited we are committed to minimising the environmental impact of our business activities. The management recognises that our day to day operations can impact both directly and indirectly on the environment. We aim to protect and improve the environment through good management and by adopting best practice wherever possible. We will work to integrate environmental considerations into our business decisions and adopt greener alternatives wherever possible.

To date we have achieved the below:-

FSC & PEFC Chain of Custody Certification – both schemes ensure the responsible management of forestry resources. Please see our Accreditation page for more information.
We recycle our wood waste by using off cuts to heat our factory and our wood shavings are made into pet bedding
We recycle all paper and cardboard
We replaced all lightbulbs with LED throughout the offices and factory
We operate a ‘Shut down ‘ policy to reduce energy consumption
We have reduced the amount we print by 75%

This year we are looking at the below:-

Reducing our packaging requirements and only buying recyclable products
Investing in an Electric van for local deliveries

We will review our environmental impact on a regular basis and revise our policies as necessary to reflect changes to the business activities and any changes to legislation.